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            This page was updated  01 April 2009
My apologies for the poor quality photo's, at this point in time we were using a Sony point and shoot and frames from our video camera.

A Torpedo was found lying on a lower deck of Gosai maru. Janet takes the wheel. Janet and Kent. Janet. Janet exiting the wreck.
Gas Mask. A big prop looms in the darkness. A commemorative plaque to the lives lost on the Fujikawa Maru. Dave entering a wreck. A large deck gun.
Large wine or beer bottles. Jan at a deco station, 3 stops were required on the way back  Kent at a deco station. There were large shells everywhere. Kent with a machine gun.
SS Thorfinn Chassis on Sankisan Maru Deck Gun Janet & Deck Gun Tank on Sanfrancisco Maru
Bottles of Alchohol Pill Bottles China Cup Crates of Alchohol Ships Telegraph
Me Janet Janet & Dan Dan on Weno Janet Relaxing

Chuuk or Truk lagoon as it is often called is not easy to get to, we traveled from the UK via the Middle East to Manilla in the Philipines, from Manila we flew to Guam in the Pacific, a very large US military air base. From Guam we flew down to Chuuk lagoon, the flight took roughly an hour and a half. We had 10 nights on Thorfinn, the diving was excellent and we enjoyed every minute of it. There was not a lot of fish life around but the wrecks were awesome. It would appear that all the ceremonial items had been removed from the wrecks but everything else was still there just lying where it fell all those years ago.