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Lembeh Straightís, one of the most famous scuba diving areaís in the world, the Staightís are somewhere near the top of any muck diverís bucket list.
Lembeh is an Island that sits on the North Eastern side of North Sulawesi, Indonesia.
We have allways flown into Manado from Singapore on Singapore Airlines, the flight takes about 3.5 hrs. We have allways flown into Manado from Singapore on Singapore Airlines, the flight takes about 3.5 hrs.
The main port of entry to North Sulawesi is Sam Ratulangi International Airport situated on the outskirts of Manado about 90 minutes by car from the town and port of Bitung just opposite from the Island of Lembeh.
There are dive resorts along the coast on the mainland and also on Lembeh Island. The diving, once under water is pretty much the same whoever you stay with, there will be differences of course to the boats and the resort itself, this all depends on your budget and what is important to you.
We have stayed in 3 different resorts through 6 or 7 trips to Lembeh, we have enjoyed the diving wherever we have stayed and taken lot's of photo's. All the photo's below were taken in Lembeh Straits on our numerous trips with 2 or 3 different camera's (Nikon) and a 60mm len's, except for photo's of "people" or above water level.

Emperor Shrimp hitching a ride on the Chromodoris kunei.   A Coleman Shrimp with it's young living amongst the Urchin's  The Beautiful Porcelain Crab hiding in the soft coral and living alongside the Clownfish (Ocelaris amphiprion) 
The tiny Boxer Crab sitting on Janet's Glove  A good size pool and a covered open air restaurant are excellent for relaxation. Easy access to the boats and house reef make Bastianos a nice place to stay. 

The Emperor Shrimp hitching a ride on the Chromodoris kunei. The Pontohi Pygmy Seahorse, what a find and how lucky we were, we were just going into decompression on our last dive of our 2011 trip when we came upon this beautiful Pygmy, we were low on air but the chance to get a few shots of this recently discovered species was overwhelming, the shots i managed to get were hurried and desperate, this is about as good as i could get under the circumstances. The Pontohi was not on a Gorgonian like other Pygmy's but was in amongst the soft corals on a wall at about 16 metres.

KBR or Kungkungan Bay Resort is one of the  first resort's to operate in the Strait's, it has a great location and the cottages are situated nicely into the bottom of the hillside. The now famous timber building is the main restaurant and sits over the water. Their diving regime is very good and they have excellent facilities.
There is so much to find on Whip Coral's.  A Female Blue Ribbon Eel, not seen as often as the Male which is Blue, the Juvenile when found is Black. A friendly Cuttlefish check's me out. 
The Hairy Frogfish, so photogenic.    
The dangerous Devil, one of the ugliest creatures under the sea.  Very pleased with this shot, so difficult to get, a lot of patience required along with being quite still and quiet.. We dont see these very often, check out the barrel sponges to find them hiding in the shadows. 
  Janet with a Giant Frogfish.  
  Emperor Shrimp on It's "Host", a Ceratosoma.  
  Bitung harbour, alway's very busy. Local fishermen trying to make a living, they work so hard for so very little.
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