Thank's to Nikki, Anel & Marco of Dive Africa for looking after us on our dive trips.

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Egypt, Red Sea. Ah……If I were there now, I love RED Sea diving, In particular the Gulf of Aqaba, it separates Saudi Arabia from the Sinai peninsula. We have been to the Egyptian mainland coast, to Hurgada, several years before we discovered diving, we went snorkling to Giftun Island, a beautiful idylic place a boat ride from Hurgada, little did we know then. Anyway, back to the diving, we have been to Sharm El Shiekh 6 or 7 times since we qualified in 1998, we always dive with WWW.DIVEAFRICA.COM a warm and friendly dive center who look after their guests.

The lazy days we have spent on boats diving and sunbathing from Ras Mohammed on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula to the reefs of Jackson, Woodhouse, Thomas, and Gordon. If you are lucky enough to fly into Sharm during daylight hours and the aeroplane circles out over the Gulf, the reefs and reef plate are clearly visible through the beautiful clear water, the boats are moored up and the divers are in the water, a mouth watering prospect……….. 

The photo on the Right shows the Red Sea, the Gulf of Suez runs North West of Sinai Penninsula & the Gulf of Aqaba goes North East. Bottom left is the Egyptian mainland and on the right is Saudi Arabia. The clouds in the top of the photo are over the Mediteranian Sea.

Janet at Gifton Island Lion Fish Jim at Yolande Reef Ras Mohamed Jan & Mona at the Blue Hole Dahab Bath Tub's at Yolande
Jim at Yolande Dive Boats Taking a Break Wreck on the Reef at Tiran Jan & Boat Crew Octopus, Ras Um Sid
Jan & Ted Janet 1998  Jan & Wrasse 1998 Wreck on Reef The Canyon at Dahab
Wreck on the Reef Napoleon Wrasse Yolande, its Toilets Remains of BMW at Yolande, Ras Mohamed Everyone Does It 
Me in a Photo with Jan Jan in the Pool at the Hyatt Me Posing Dive Africa Staff Jan with the Gardens in the Distance
The diving in Sharm is generaly easy and a great place to learn to dive, not that we did it this way, but it would be a great place to start. The diving here is boat diving, I have yet to do a shore dive from Sharm, except for a memorable night dive off Ras Um Sid, a story in itself. The dive center would pick you up from your hotel in the mornings, transport you to the boat, then a lazy day cruising and diving, lunch is cooked on board for you, after lunch its time to snorkle or swim before the afternoon dive, now its late afternoon and the boat returns to port and you are transported back to your hotel in time to get ready for the evening ahead. The not to be missed dive trip is the famous "Thislegorm", this entails a very early start to the day, in darkness, it’s a long boat ride but if the weather is right, a dive not to be missed, we have done this dive every trip and it still is a great dive for us both. 

I often say that I could live here in a tent and dive every day, ah….what a dream. Farther north, about 60 or 70 kilometres from Sharm is Dahab, a smaller town than Sharm, all the diving is shore diving here, (we did do one dive from a Rib) either north by jeep to the Blue Hole, The Bells and Canyon or south to The Three Pools, our favourite place here is the Canyon, along the sea floor to where the sea bed cracks open and down you dive to about 30 metres, the Glass Fish waiting for you to exit make a beautiful picture as the light streams through and down the Canyon. I can recommend the RED SEA not just because it is my favourite dive destination, but because the diving here is so good. 

Our special thanks to Nikki, Marco & Anel at Dive Africa for their hospitality whenever we have visited them, they allways make us welcome, and arrange for our dive days out at Nabq, The diving there is Shore Diving, its quite a long walk out over the reef plate but well worth the effort, thanks guys..................

Diving at Nabq

Base Camp

Getting Ready A Singing Camel !!! A Short Legged Camel !! Dont Point That Thing at Me
Great Vis Porqupine Fish Sea Grass Nikki from Dive Afica Maria Schroeder 

Maria Schroeder Photo, courtesy of Nikki Van Veelan (Dive Africa Watersports)   Thank you Nikki.

Farther up the coast, out of bounds of the day boats is the protected marine park "NABQ".   Getting to Nabq involves traveling off the main road, turning off the road north of the airport and following the coastline over sand covered tracks, i noticed vehicles to our left that had been abandoned, the area had at some time been restricted as a barbed wire fence could be seen and i believe there were land mines in there. There is a small Marine Park visitor center near the coast, its worth a vist. There is also a Shrimp farm on the coast and Mangroves.  As you travel on past the mangroves and the Mountains slowly appear to meet the sea, the desert and shoreline become one, here is where we did our diving, its all shore diving here, it’s a long walk out over the reef plate but the dives are beautiful, we did not see a lot of fish life here save the ever present Titan Trigger Fish, I’m sure it’s the same one that follows me around, but the sea grass and coral formations make this a place not to be forgotten.  We found some shade under a Palm and set up here, after one of our dives we had a visitor, a guy on a Camel.........where he came from lord only knows, he asked for our passports and our pass into the area. While he was checking all this out we found him several bottles of water, after this small gesture of friendship he became our best friend and chatted with our driver and guide, he went on his way with everyone waving him off into the was a little sureal as he just dissapeared into the haze of the desert. On the occasions that we have been up to Nabq we have noticed that at the edge of the reef plate the visibility is very poor, but as you get further away from the plate wall the vis gets much better, its just great diving when there is only you in the water. Cant wait to go back.